Thursday, August 19, 2010

Friday, July 16, 2010

Soil Test Done

We had a suprise soil test done today..we thought it was happening next week, Lucky we have our spies out (thanx new homeowners Michelle and Richard). Anyway there were 4 holes on each corner where the house is to be built. As you can see by the photo there is no rock ( no rock, I

Monday, July 12, 2010

Excavations on Block Complete?


Just spoke to developer yesterday and the word on the long awaited block is that excavations SHOULD finish this week, and the survey pegs will go back in. Which means that Henley can do the soil test next week, and we will find out how much our slab is gunna cost us. Fingers crossed, it shouldn't be too bad (touch wood). But the developers need to register titles and connect services and they estimate two months....Argh....This build should be nearing completion and it hasn't even started. we are very frustrated...

This is the kids & I trying out our new road, our block is on our right:

This is full view of our block from crossover:

Our lamp post, which I have decided is a good thing to have out front, Michelle & Richards house in background:

The view from the back of our block. We are not allowed to build double storey, so hopefully the view of Macedon Ranges is not blocked:

The view from the front of block :

Sunday, April 25, 2010

H And Mick's Build

Following picture is of our site plan...our block is about you can see our side yard is probably bigger than our backyard...We are lucky our block faces all our living areas are north

This is our was taken at the Regatta in Henley's Caroline Springs displays....proof it pays to ask again and again if you really want something.....first response to can I have that colour was like a scene from Little Britian...."computer says no"

Again something we chose from Caroline Springs display (the Majestic)..., our bricks are Daniel Robertson's Hawthorn doesnt do them justice...

This is the island bench from the Caroline Springs Lexington Q1....we picked same was only light colour granite available in category 1...also chose similar colour for underbench cupboards...nocturne oak...a dark wood grain..

This is architectural pic of the edison facade showing part render....

This is our master plan which may still change coz we will probably put in guests in lieu of study

Here's a picture of what the edison facade looks like on the the old Mernda display village (which has since been sold)....We love it..and coz our block faces almost due west the porch will keep us out of the hot summer sun.

We are building in the Rangeview Estate in Riddells Creek, which is 45 minutes northwest of Melbourne the Macedon Ranges.

Call us optimistic...but we hope to be in by Christmas..
The developer is three months late on releasing land title, so we will see...
I will try to post more as we progress, but right now I have to go watch the Cats thrash the pants off the Blues....