Monday, July 12, 2010

Excavations on Block Complete?


Just spoke to developer yesterday and the word on the long awaited block is that excavations SHOULD finish this week, and the survey pegs will go back in. Which means that Henley can do the soil test next week, and we will find out how much our slab is gunna cost us. Fingers crossed, it shouldn't be too bad (touch wood). But the developers need to register titles and connect services and they estimate two months....Argh....This build should be nearing completion and it hasn't even started. we are very frustrated...

This is the kids & I trying out our new road, our block is on our right:

This is full view of our block from crossover:

Our lamp post, which I have decided is a good thing to have out front, Michelle & Richards house in background:

The view from the back of our block. We are not allowed to build double storey, so hopefully the view of Macedon Ranges is not blocked:

The view from the front of block :

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